Sissy Emasculation MP3

Sissy Emasculation MP3Sissy emasculation MP3:  “Why You Are A Sissy.” You’re not like the other guys, are you?  You know you are inferior to them.  You know you are not a real man.

I know the truth too.  You have secret sissy, gurly urges.  You try to fight them.  But the urges fto be an emasculated sissy always come back – stronger and stronger.

In this fetish mp3, My seductive voice will put you in your place.  Your horny little sissy stick will love it as you listen to Me telling you exactly why you are a sissy and why you will never be a real man!




AUDIO EFFECTS: Nothing but My sexy, addicting voice emasculating you.

6 minutes and 41 seconds of sublime, humiliating sissification.

Sissy Emasculation FemDom Audio Recording


Eat Your Own Cum Audio – Get Brainwashed!

Brainwashed To Eat Your Own Cum MP3Eat your own cum – mind-fuck FemDom audio recording.  My sexy brainwashing fetish mp3 will seep into your horny, cum-craving brain. After listening to My alluring, addictive voice, you will feel weak and helpless.

I know you crave eating your own cum.  I know that you think about it all the time.  I love to exploit these pathetic cravings.  I know exactly how to take advantage of you.  Hehe.  You won’t be able to help slurping up your cum for Me.

Brainwashed To Eat Your Own Cum MP3 FREE SAMPLE:

AUDIO EFFECTS:  Echo effects and reverb makes My irresistible voice swim around in your head, brainwashing you until you are helpless to eat you own cum for Me.

15 minutes and 9 second brainwashing, cum eating, mind-fuck.

Brainwashed To Eat Your Own Cum Audio

Tingle Your Sissy Pussy

Tingle Your Sissy Pussy for My CockTingle Your Sissy Pussy with Princess Cock.  “Tingle Your Sweet Spots – With My Cock!” FemDom MP3 will awaken your horny sissy sweet spots.  It’s time to be controlled by Princess – from the inside out.

As you listen to My fetish MP3, My voice will begin taking over your body and your brain.  As My voice takes over more and more of you, you will start to feel the naughty, sensitive spots inside your sissy pussy start to tingle for Me!

Take My voice and take My Princess cock deeper and deeper inside you until your entire body is stimulated and your secret sweet spots are tingling!  How emsculating.



Tingle Your Sweet Spots With My Cock! FemDom MP3 FREE SAMPLE:

AUDIO EFFECTS: Very slight Reverb makes My addictive Princess voice even sexier!

19 minutes and 57 seconds of scintillating and tingling your sissy pussy for Me.

Tingle Your Sissy Pussy With Princess Cock

Panty Sniffer FemDom Audio

Sniff and Lick My Panties AudioPanty sniffer FemDom audio recording. “Sniff & Lick My Panties” fetish mp3 for panty licking perverts.  Emasculation, humiliation, brainwashing and My dirty panties.  What more could a panty sniffer like you ask for?

Smell the delicious aroma from My dirty panties.  You can’t resist picking them up, you pervert.  My Panty Sniffer Fetish MP3 is a total mind fuck.  My hot voice will swim around in your head as I tell you about My delicious panties.  I also tell you what a sick little pervert I think you are!


AUDIO EFFECTS: Reverb and repeating echo effects will swim around in your brain, making you helpless as My hot voice fucks with your head.

8 minutes and 1 second of My delicious, aromatic panties.

Panty Sniffer Audio


Cock Addict MP3

Faggot Cock Whore AudioCock Addict MP3 for cock craving faggots.  “Cock, Cock, COCK!”  Can’t stop thinking about cock?  Well you won’t be able to get cock out of your mind once you have listened to this FemDom audio recording.

In this fetish mp3, I call you a COCK sucker, COCK whore, COCK slut and any other COCK name I can think of.  Your faggy little dick will LOVE hearing Me say the word COCK again and again and again.

Your cravings for COCK will increase as My FemDom brainwashing takes over your horny mind.  Buy this recording now and hear Me say the word COCK over and over until it is echoing in your head forever.

Cock, Cock, COCK! FemDom MP3 FREE SAMPLE:

AUDIO EFFECTS: Only My alluring, addictive voice.

9 minutes and 1 second of My hot voice reinforcing your COCK addiction.

Sissy cock whore mp3

Faggot Cock Sucker MP3

I Know You Want Cock Audio RecordingFaggot cock sucker mp3:  I Know You Want Cock!

My mind-fuck, fetish mp3 will have you craving cock all the time.  I know you want cock.  Now I’m going to exploit your desire to be a faggot cock sucker.

With a hot, femdom brainwashing message, this erotic recording will seep into your brain and make you helpless to resist…  You Want COCK!  Surrender and listen now.


AUDIO EFFECTS:  My voice is even more alluring with slight reverb.  Also a low volume background brainwashing message that you won’t be able to get out of your horny fag head.

9 minutes and 22 seconds of sissy faggot cock sucker brainwashing.

Sissy Faggot Cock Sucker MP3

FemDom Audio – Free Holiday Message 2015

Free FemDom Audio Holiday Message 2015FemDom audio – Free Holiday message just for My bitch boys. Surrender your manhood and click on the link below to hear My holiday message. You should listen to it over and over and then send Me a tribute to thank Me for controlling you all year long!

Obey Princess Jewel and surrender your masculinity and your bank account to Me.  Life is much better this way!  Once you admit the truth – that you are controlled by Princess and that you need to fill My Holiday Stockings with your cash, you will be free to enjoy the season and attempt to show the world that you are some sort of a man.


Have a naughty holiday season and 2016!  Surrender your wallet and show your adoration with a gift or tribute (then you may listen to your free holiday message):

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Princess Jewel

Brainwashed to Wear Panties! FemDom Audio

Brainwashed To Wear PantiesBrainwashed to Wear Panties!  Feminization FemDom Audio for submissive panty boys.

Do you love wearing panties?  Or do you just think about how it would feel to be a slutty, gurly, panty boy?

Either way, you will love My panty brainwashing mp3!  Grab your panties, or your imagination and sit back and relax as you listen to My brainwashing audio recording.  My sexy, addicting voice will swim around in your head, making you helpless.  Your desire to wear panties for Me will get stronger and stronger until you can’t resist!


AUDIO EFFECTS:  Echo effects and subtle reverb will swim around in your head, brainwashing you to wear panties all the time!

9 minutes and 50 seconds of panty brainwashing bliss.

brainwashed panty boy mp3