Go GAY for PRINCESS – hot gay training mp3 from Princess Jewel! We both know that you’re not much in the real man department and we also both know that you need to be controlled by Princess.

So I guess I’ll just have to turn you into a gay, faggot cock sucker! I know you think naughty thoughts about being manipulated and turned into a gay fag for Me.

Listen to My Go GAY For PRINCESS mp3 now and I will begin to turn you into a gay homo for My amusement. LOL! You know you can’t resist when I push you to your knees and make you do naughty things for Me.

Open wide, bitch boi! It’s time to surrender your manhood and obey Princess Jewel!

Listen NOW and Go GAY for PRINCESS!

8 minutes 51 seconds


Tease and Denial MP3

Tease and Denial MP3Tease and Denial MP3 –  Countdown to Torment!  Only a real man deserves to control his own orgasm.  And since you’re an inferior bitch boy, you deserve to be tormented, teased and denied!

Your silly dick will be throbbing and dripping as I edge you over and over, while I giggle and deny your orgasm.  I love building you up to the edge of a huge explosion with a sexy cum countdown.

You love to be controlled by Princes.  You will obey My stroking instructions, and be grateful that you can go from the ecstasy of being on the edge of a monumental orgasm to the torment of complete denial.  Will you actually get to cum?  Or will I leave you quivering with frustration?  Buy My tease and denial mp3 and find out!

Tease and Denial – Countdown To Torment MP3 FREE SAMPLE:

AUDIO EFFECTS: No effects.  Only My teasing, giggling Princess voice tormenting your orgasm.

8 minutes and 6 seconds of tortured, tease and denial.

Tease and Denial MP3


Fag Training MP3

Fag Training Fetish MP3My fag training mp3, “You Only Get Hard For Cock”, is going to train you not to experience heterosexual erections.  I am going to mind fuck you with this fetish mp3 so that you only get hard for cock.  Pussy will no longer excite a pathetic fag like you.

Get out your dildo (or just use your pathetic imagination), stick it to the wall and get ready to be brainwashed.  You only get hard when you suck cock for Princess.  You are no longer excited by pussy.  You love My fag training and being My faggot cock sucker.


AUDIO EFFECTS: Nothing but the hottness of My Princess voice brainwashing you.

7 minutes and 52 seconds of erotic, manipulating fag training.

Fag Training Audio

Tingle Your Sissy Pussy

Tingle Your Sissy Pussy for My CockTingle Your Sissy Pussy with Princess Cock.  “Tingle Your Sweet Spots – With My Cock!” FemDom MP3 will awaken your horny sissy sweet spots.  It’s time to be controlled by Princess – from the inside out.

As you listen to My fetish MP3, My voice will begin taking over your body and your brain.  As My voice takes over more and more of you, you will start to feel the naughty, sensitive spots inside your sissy pussy start to tingle for Me!

Take My voice and take My Princess cock deeper and deeper inside you until your entire body is stimulated and your secret sweet spots are tingling!  How emsculating.



Tingle Your Sweet Spots With My Cock! FemDom MP3 FREE SAMPLE:

AUDIO EFFECTS: Very slight Reverb makes My addictive Princess voice even sexier!

19 minutes and 57 seconds of scintillating and tingling your sissy pussy for Me.

Tingle Your Sissy Pussy With Princess Cock

FemDom Audio – Free Holiday Message 2015

Free FemDom Audio Holiday Message 2015FemDom audio – Free Holiday message just for My bitch boys. Surrender your manhood and click on the link below to hear My holiday message. You should listen to it over and over and then send Me a tribute to thank Me for controlling you all year long!

Obey Princess Jewel and surrender your masculinity and your bank account to Me.  Life is much better this way!  Once you admit the truth – that you are controlled by Princess and that you need to fill My Holiday Stockings with your cash, you will be free to enjoy the season and attempt to show the world that you are some sort of a man.


Have a naughty holiday season and 2016!  Surrender your wallet and show your adoration with a gift or tribute (then you may listen to your free holiday message):

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Princess Jewel