Your Sissy Destiny! – SEXY Sissification Audio

Your Sissy Destiny - Sissification Audio File by Princess Jewel

Becoming a SISSY BITCH for Princess Jewel is your FATE. It’s your SEXUAL DESTINY.

No matter what you do, your endlessly HORNY SISSY DICK will make sure that you ALWAYS crave being a naughty, slutty gurl for Me.

I love to exploit your INESCAPABLE SISSY DESTINY and make you My gurly bitch FOREVER!


Sissification Audio by Princess Jewel

9 min 52 sec

I’m Making Your Dick GAY!

I'm Making Your Dick Gay! Emasculating audio clip by Princess Jewel

Emasculating audio clip by Princess Jewel. OMG – you’re so faggy and I’m so hot and sexy that you can’t resist when I turn your DICK GAY! My sexy, humiliating voice will erase your manhood. Everything a GAY DICK like you is always dreaming about.

It’s not My fault that your faggy dicklet is not masculine enough to make you a real man. So it’s time for Me to take advantage of your weakness, make you My next victim… and turn your dick completely gay!

Lose control when your helpless dick starts to swell and dribble as you think about being My cock sucking faggot. Surrender to the emasculating power of Princess Jewel. I know you want to service cock and I’m going to use that desire to make you My next victim and make you My faggy homo!! Be sure to thank Me with excellent feedback and a big tribute for taking away any illusion you had of being a real man.


FemDom Audio Clip Makes Your Dick Gay

13 minutes 34 seconds

Listen to My entire GAY SERIES FemDom audio files and kiss your manhood goodbye!


GAY for BLACK COCKI’m going to make you GAY for BLACK COCK MP3!  Sexy fetish audio recording for SUBMISSIVE, GAY FAGS who love BLACK COCK.  I know you constantly think about BBC, so I’m going to fuck with your head and make you GAYER for chocolate dick!  I love EMASCULATING you, taking advantage of your WEAKNESSES for BLACK COCK and turning you into My GAY BITCH!

LISTEN NOW and turn GAY for Princess Jewel and for BIG BLACK COCK FOREVER!  GAY training, GAY brainwashing, GAY mind fuck.

Effects: Very slight delay/echo to make the PENETRATION a little bit DEEPER.  Hehe.


8 minutes 53 seconds

You're GAY for BLACK COCK mp3

Cross Dressed Sissy Humiliation MP3

Cross Dressed Sissy Humiliation MP3Cross dressed sissy humiliation mp3!  Hot feminization audio by Princess Jewel.  Get dressed up and flounce around like a sissy slut in front of Me and My hot girl friends while we laugh and humiliate you.

LMAO – you are such a sissy boi. How embarrassing!   Sissy humiliation, sissy training and obedience in front of My hot, giggling girl friends!

Get on your knees, sissy bitch, if you are not there already, because that is where you belong – forever!

AUDIO EFFECTS: No special effects.  Just My sexy eat candy voice to fuck with your little sissy head(s).  Lol. Listen fucking now.

8 minutes 1 second

Sissy Cross Dressing MP3

Dress Up Sissy – Feminization Audio

Dress Up Sissy Feminization AudioDress Up Sissy – Head to Toe Emasculation mp3.  Sexy feminization audio from Princess Jewel!  I know you think about being dressed up like a sissy gurl all the time. That’s soooo humiliating!

Buy My sexy mp3 and let’s dress you up from top to bottom like a slutty sissy gurl.  Slinky, sexy panties and lots more girly things for you, beta boi!

My Princess voice is sexy as fuck, so don’t pretend that you can resist Me.  Time to play sissy dress up!  Be an obedient sissy gurl and buy My emasculating feminization MP3 now.

AUDIO EFFECTS:  None.  Just My beloved, superior, sexy voice turning you into a girl.  Hehe.

6 minutes 22 seconds

Dress Up Sissy Feminization Audio

Beta Boi Holiday Wishes – Free FemDom MP3

Beta Boi Holiday GreetingsBeta boi holiday wishes for 2017 – Free FemDom mp3! To listen to My superior, hot Princess voice wishing you a wonderful, submissive holiday season, just click on the link below.

Then, to thank Me, you will send Me a tribute or Amazon gift card.  It’s the least a beta boi like you can do since I took time out during this fabulous and fun time of year to even think of you.

You can even buy lots more of My sexy FemDom mp3s all year long. My voice will addict and brainwash you into being My submissive little bitch boi no matter what time of year it is!


Have a wonderful,  fun-filled, emasculating holiday season and 2018!

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Princess Jewel

Faggy Cock Sucker MP3

Faggy Cock Sucker MP3Are You A Faggy Cock Sucker?  Listen to My hot fetish MP3 now!

Let’s examine your horny, pathetic urges and determine if you are any sort of an alpha male, or if you a faggy, inferior cock sucker.

Are the things that give you a hard little boner manly? Or do the things that you do when you are humping your hand clearly demonstrate that you are an emasculated, humiliated cock sucker?


Humiliation and emasculation by sexy, superior Princess for fag cock suckers.

AUDIO EFFECTS: None, other than My seductive, mesmerizing voice.

5 minutes 32 seconds.

Faggy Cock Sucker MP3

Submissive Bitch Boys FREE Holiday MP3!

FREE Holiday Message for Submissive Bitch Boys

Just for My devoted, submissive bitch boys, a new FREE Season’s Greetings MP3!

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Have a sexy, submissive holiday season and 2017!

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Princess Jewel