Emasculating FinDom MP3

Emasculating FinDom MP3Emasculating FinDom Mp3!  You love it when I take all of your money and tell you that you are masculinity challenged!  That tells us that you a not a man right there!

We both know that you are inferior and that there is no way I would pay attention to you unless you are paying Me.  In this fetish mp3, I will tell you that if you want Me to acknowledge your existence, you’re going to hand over your cash.

So be a good loser, buy this FinDom MP3, get ready to fork over a tribute and get ready to kiss your masculinity good bye.



AUDIO EFFECTS: None but My sensual voice taking away your manhood and your money.

6 minutes and 54 seconds of humiliating emasculation and My demands for your cash.

Emasculating FinDom MP3


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