Financial Domme MP3

Financial Domme MP3Financial Domme MP3 – You PAY – I PLAY!  You are a financial submissive and a chronic masturbator.  Your horny penis is always seeking new ways to be cash drained and turned into My financial slave.

My FinDom mp3 will help you find the fulfillment you seek and will turn you into the horny worker bee who funds My fabulous, fun life!

Obey Princess Jewel and start cutting corners, working extra shifts and stop spending money on your own life so that you can have the honor and the privilege of becoming My human cash machine!


AUDIO EFFECTS: None except My hot Princess voice telling you to go out and work so I can wallet drain you.

5 minutes and 59 seconds of bratty Princess Jewel demanding your cash.

Financial Domme Fetish Audio Recording


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