I’m Making Your Dick GAY!

I'm Making Your Dick Gay! Emasculating audio clip by Princess Jewel

Emasculating audio clip by Princess Jewel. OMG – you’re so faggy and I’m so hot and sexy that you can’t resist when I turn your DICK GAY! My sexy, humiliating voice will erase your manhood. Everything a GAY DICK like you is always dreaming about.

It’s not My fault that your faggy dicklet is not masculine enough to make you a real man. So it’s time for Me to take advantage of your weakness, make you My next victim… and turn your dick completely gay!

Lose control when your helpless dick starts to swell and dribble as you think about being My cock sucking faggot. Surrender to the emasculating power of Princess Jewel. I know you want to service cock and I’m going to use that desire to make you My next victim and make you My faggy homo!! Be sure to thank Me with excellent feedback and a big tribute for taking away any illusion you had of being a real man.


FemDom Audio Clip Makes Your Dick Gay

13 minutes 34 seconds

Listen to My entire GAY SERIES FemDom audio files and kiss your manhood goodbye!

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